100 biggest Finnish companies 2011

An aggregatedlist of 100 biggest Finnish companies in 2011. The companies...

Airlines of the world

A list of all airlines in the world. IATA (International Air Transport...

Airports of the world

A list of all airports in the world. The data is collected by the OpenFlights...

Big Data Use Cases

A list of use cases for big data, gathered from several places.

Companies in London Stock Exchange

Companies listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Countries and territories

Countries and territories.

Flat file CMS - The list and the story

A flat file CMS is a content management system that doesn't need a database -...

Fortune 500 Global 2011

Fortune 500 Global 2011 listing.

Fortune 500 year 2012

Fortune 500 from 2012.

Interbrand - Brand values 2013

Brand values at 2013 by Interbrand.

JUFO 2013/2

Dataset contains classifications for a list of scientific publications and is...

Mobile UI frameworks

A short overview of the possible mobile UI frameworks.